Moritz Frischkorn works as dramaturg, choreographer, curator and cultural scientist in Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich and internationally. His artistic practice deals with more-than-human choreographies and their socio-political dimension. He produces research-based live performances, writes, curates and teaches. A central aspect of his work is the continuous inventory and critique of his privilege.

Since 2015, he initiates and directs interdisciplinary artistic research projects that come to life in different media (from print to performance). Central to his practice is the close collaboration with artists from the fields of theater, dance, sound art, scenography, photography and film. From January 2023 to June 2024, he has been working at Schauspielhaus Zurich. As a staff dramaturg, he supported the attempt to reform municipal theater initiated by the artistic co-directors Benjamin von Blomberg and Nicolas Stemann. Artistic collaborators include Christopher Rüping, Ellen Blumenstein, Ibrahim Nehme, Katharina Pelosi, Lea Moro, Leonie Böhm, Manon Santkin, Maria F. Scaroni, Myriam Boulos, Nicolas Stemann, Nour Sokhon, Robin Hinsch, Sibylle Peters, Siska, Vladimir Miller, and many others. 

Next to his artistic work, Moritz pursues an academic practice that invests in formulating a more-than-human notion of choreography as continuous attunement within heterogenous assemblages. In August 2023, his first monography entitled ‘More-Than-Human Choreography’ was published at transcript. He teaches at art academies and universities in Hamburg, Brussels, Frankfurt/Main, Halle and Weimar.