P006ResearchExpanded Choreography

Photo: (c) Robin Hinsch / Great Report

“Expanded choreography is the notion that an artistic-critical discourse within continental contemporary dance uses to denote a shift of protagonism: No lon- ger is the human body the only and necessary center of attention. Choreography, this discourse asserts, is a body of knowledge not only used in the production of dances or other social situations. From now on, choreography wants to be able to control and manipulate all other sorts of materials, including non-human agents, and thus reflect or even alter the technological and environmental conditions of Westernized life-styles in late capitalism.” 

In this early article on an ‘expanded choreography’, I try to critize a celebratory pespective on expanding the notion. I do so by argueing that the businessfield of logistics can be understood as a form of expanded choreography, thus asking myself: What do we learn about choreographies of objects when thinking about logistics? In how far does the notion of choreography add an analytic dimension to an assessment of logistics, beyond the more common notion of transport? And who wants to control whom within this hyper-extended choreographic dispositif?

Article published in Tanz der Dinge / Things That Dance in 2019 at transcript / edited by Johannes Birringer and Josephine Fenger / downloadable here