P011DramaturgyEars to see

You find yourself in urban surrounding, a city. The warm asphalt, the makeup of the city, is resonating and vibrating under your feet. Your senses are pricked like sensitive antennae. You feel around in musty soil, you smell coloured smoke and you connect to the movements of water molecules in the air. You listen to the urban environment with pricked ears: Who is speaking there, from the pipes of the sewer? Where is this mysterious language coming from? Why is the air vibrating? And who is dancing with us on bare concrete?

ears to see (8+) is Lea Moro’s second choreographic work for young audiences. Along an outdoor polyphonic audio journey, the audience encounters a series of living beings that speak for themselves. The piece provides an orientation system for blind and partially sighted audiences so that they can move through the performance independently. The performance will take place under various weather conditions: appropriate clothing is required. ears to see proposes a responsible and cooperative coexistence with our environment through listening.

Photos: (c) Dieter Hartwig / Lea Moro

Concept, Choreography: Lea Moro / Dramaturgy, Script: Moritz Frischkorn / Performance, Co-Choreography: Sharón Mercado Nogales, Lea Moro, Julia Keren Turbahn, and in collaboration with Sophia Neises / Sound design: Andrés Bucci aka Future Legend / Stage, Costumes: Nina Krainer / Light: Martin Beeretz / Artistic support choreography: Kiana Rezvani / Co-composition Songs: Jana Sotzko / Assistance Costume: Molly McDonnell / Text by: Harriet von Froreich (Lichen), Ira Melkonyan (Clouds), Luisa Pardo (Serpent) / Voices: Vernesa Berbo, Moritz Frischkorn, Lea Moro, Julia Pohl, Birte Schnöink / Singing: Moritz Frischkorn, Sharón Mercado Nogales, Lea Moro, Sophia Neises / Recording, Mastering: studio lärm / Mastering Songs: Falk Andreas - Blank Room Audio / Technical support sound: Bátor Tóth / Dramaturgical support (Dancehouse Zurich): Simon Froehling / Audiodescription Trailer: Emmilou Rößling, Silja Korn / Production, Management: Hélène Philippot / Touring: Mirjam Sadjak / Photos: Dieter Hartwig, Angelique Preau, Dorothea Tuch / Trailer: Nadja Krueger