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Photo: (c) Siska

In August 2020, a massive explosion destroyed the port of Beirut and devastated large parts of the city. Nearly 300 people were killed, almost 300.000 left homeless. After the catastrophe, the Lebanese government blatantly failed to support its people. Instead, living conditions continued to deteriorate as the country was affected by accelerating hyperinflation and the pandemic. Until today, nobody has been held responsible for the event.

After the explosion, a group of artists from Beirut and Hamburg began to reinvestigate their personal relationships to the port. Based on an under-standing that the two cities cannot be compared, they never-theless asked: How are they linked to one another, where do they touch? Weaving together a multitude of voices and artistic practices, Port Fiction is a testament to the lived experience and endurance of people in Beirut and an invocation of ports as portals of empathy and possibility.

Port Fiction is the work of Myriam Boulos, Moritz Frischkorn, Robin Hinsch, Ibrahim Nehme, Siska, Nour Sokhon and Kolja Warnecke. Kaya Behkalam and Katharina Joy Book supported the artistic process from a dramaturgical point of view. The project takes the form of a digital longread which has been composed by all artists collectively.

Photo: (c) Siska / Port Fiction

Photos: (c) Moritz Frischkorn / Port Fiction

Photo: (c) Siska/ Port Fiction

Text, Artistic Direction: Moritz Frischkorn / Text: Ibrahim Nehme / Photography: Robin Hinsch, Myriam Boulos / Sound, Sound Design: Nour Sokhon / Film: Siska / Dramaturgy: Katharina Joy Book / Webdesign: Kolja Warnecke / Outside Eye: Kaya Behkalam 

Published in September 2023 / presented at Kunsthaus Hamburg and Imagine the City Hamburg / funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste with means by the federal government for culture and media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR