P002Choreography, Performance, ResearchBarricades and Dances

Barricades and Dances is a collection of dances dedicated to objects from revolutionary movements. These objects are agents and witnesses of upheaval and the renegotiation of lifestyles and environments. The dances produce a connection and an intimacy to these inanimate things and explore a new connection between performers and objects. For the revolution to survive, it constantly needs new structures. There‘s always some thing left (to do and to dance for).

Choreography, Concept, Performance: Moritz Frischkorn / Performance, Co-Creation: Verena Brakonier, Jonas Woltemate / Stage: Lars Unger / Costumes: Luisa Wandscheider / Dramaturgy: Heike Bröckerhoff / Outside Eye: Harriet von Froreich

Premiered at Kampnagel, Hamburg on June 19, 2015 / funded by Kulturbehörde Hamburg and Alfred Töpfer Stiftung F.V.S.

Booklet about the performance downloadable here