P013Choreography, Research, CurationChasing Red

Whether in nature, in art or in everyday life - we cannot escape the effect of colors. A colorful bouquet of flowers, an expressionist painting or the circular red symbol that announces a new WhatsApp message on our cell phone display: colors attract us. Advertising, fashion and design make use of this characteristic. But where do colors come from? Who makes them and how are they produced? Who earns from them and who owns them? 

Invited by Julian Warner, the director of ÜBER:MORGEN festival of the KulturRegion Stuttgart, choreographer and curator Moritz Frischkorn sheds light on these questions in the form of an audio walk in collaboration with sound artist Katharina Pelosi, an installation in the outdoor space at the Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen (FKN) and an exhibition he has created with students from the FKN. 

The starting point of the project is the history of the Melchior site, which today hosts the FKN: Where students now search for their artistic expression, Immanuel Friedrich Otto opened a cotton spinning and dyeing mill in 1816. Pigments and binding agents were also traded here. In addition to spinning and twisting, Turkish red dyeing was  part of the business. An indispensable aid: red madder from the south of France.

Text, Concept: Moritz Frischkorn / Conceptual support, Sound design, Arrangement: Katharina Pelosi / Recording, Mastering: studio lärm / Voices: Birte Schnöink (Marie Otto), Moritz Frischkorn (Vorleser), Irene Baumann, Timur Isik and Katharina Pelosi / Outdoor installation: Vincent Adolphi, Niels Toellner

Exhibition by (studends of FKN): Nico Birk, Peter Gärtner, Jana Müller, Natasha Neibert, Katrin Schreiber, Amy Stoll, Tom Weichelt, Regine Weimar / support by: Marcel Mieth, Winfried Stürzl

Presented at Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen from Oct 7-16, 2022 in the frame of the festival ÜBER:MORGEN by KulturRegion Stuttgart / in cooperation with Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen / funded by cultural office of the city of Nürtingen