P007Choreography, PerformanceAuf Zucker

Can you dance sugar? What do we experience in a sugar rush? Where does sugar come from? Together with the audience, four performers explore questions like these in a playful way and make unexpected discoveries in the process. ‘Research theater’ or ‘scenic laboratory’ is what Hamburg’s Fundus Theater calls this form of theater. That sounds pretty serious. But with Auf Zucker, the troupe shows once again how effortlessly art and science can be combined on stage to create an inspiring performance. The Theatre of Research invites children and adults to participate in a ‘self-experiment in seven sweets’: Gummy bears, marshmallows, licorice, etc. are used to experience the bodily effects of sugar while the audience also learns about the colonial history of sugar...  

Photos: (c) ZTS/Kira Barlach

Research, Stage, Video: Hanno Krieg / Concept, Direction: Sibylle Peters / Performance: Bakary Trawally, Moritz Frischkorn, Alexander Nham, Sibylle Peters / Choreography: Moritz Frischkorn / Music: Bakary Trawally Tanja Gwiasda / Light: Frank Helmrich / Co-researchers: Jim Ismale Anton, Btissam Ida Akka, Miro Paschmann