P010Choreography, TextDie Anziehungskraft der Bäume

Based on the text Laubwerk by Marion Poschmann, for which the author was awarded ‘WORTMELDUNGEN - Der Literaturpreis für kritische Kurztexte’ by the Crespo Foundation in 2021, choreographer Moritz Frischkorn and audio artist Kat Austen have developed a walk between and with urban trees. 

The audience is invited to playfully move from one tree to the next. Childhood memories are awakened, individual trees are examined closely and a space is created in which listeners can allow themselves to be drawn to the presence and rhythm of the trees in their city. At the same time, they hear excerpts from Poschmann's essay, a poetic reflection on our intensive coexistence with trees. This creates a new sense of connection and co-dependence between human and tree-like city dwellers. 

The audio walk The Attraction of Trees by Kat Austen and Moritz Frischkorn can be done anywhere. You simply choose your own route. Let yourself be drawn to the tree fields and trust your intuition! 

Audio walk based on the text Laubwerk by Marion Poschmann

Text, Choreography: Moritz Frischkorn / Audio: Kat Austen / Voices: Moritz Frischkorn, Marion Poschmann / Dramturgical support: Jeanne Charlotte Vogt / Direction: Heinrich Horwitz / Recording, Mastering: Studio Lärm / Birte Gerstenkorn, Joel Vogel

Presented in June 2021 at Künstlerhaus Mousontum / produced by Crespo Foundation / in cooperation with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and NODE e.V.